Welcome to Acupuncture Pointers!

Thank you for visiting my newest blog. My goal is to bring you the most useful scientific information available in the realm of acupuncture that will help you attain optimal health. My first introduction to acupuncture was my physiology professor in chiropractic school. A cardiologist from Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, he told us a story about a trip to China he made in the early 1980’s. It’s essential for you to know that acupuncture has was only introduced in this country a decade before when Nixon visited China.

He told us that his initial thoughts regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) were modest at best, believing it was based on questionable science and unreliable outcomes. That all changed when, as a cardiologist, he observed a heart procedure in the operating room. It was a modern facility, similar to what he was familiar with in the States. Everything except the acupuncturist in the room. Surprisingly absent was the anesthesiologist.

As the patient was being prepped, the acupuncturist began his treatment. Then to my professors astonishment, the surgeon began his procedure. No narcotics, only acupuncture for anesthesia (this 2015 BBC Documentary shows a similar surgery being performed in the opening scene). Even more amazing, the patient was awake during the entire procedure! His story stayed with me for years after graduation.

In 1999, a good friend of mine came to see me for a serious car accident. We began treatment and she showed slow but steady progress except for her shoulder. After about four weeks treating her shoulder with little improvement, she informed me she was going to try some acupuncture. I told her she had nothing to lose and she began her sessions. To my amazement, within one week, she experienced significant relief and was pain-free in a few weeks. It was then that I realized I needed acupuncture in my bag.

On the first day of our studies, our teacher told us that our training in acupuncture would be the most rewarding thing we ever did in practice. That statement sounded a bit over the top, but I took it as he was merely passionate about the healing power of acupuncture. Well, Dr. Amaro certainly was correct as my experience with acupuncture has been, well, the most rewarding thing I have done in practice.

I hope through this blog, you will soon discover the incredible benefits acupuncture can bring to you, your friends, and family. Stay tuned…


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