Vertigo and Dizziness Shows Immediate Improvement with Acupuncture


Acupuncture continues to prove it’s validity and effectiveness within the medical community. Many hospital emergency rooms now offer acupuncture as an alternative treatment for many common conditions. Although the benefits of acupuncture have been recognized by millions over thousands of years, Western medicine has been slow to adopt.

Within the current healthcare crisis in the United States has come opportunity. Many insurers are now measuring the effectiveness of treatment and reimbursing accordingly. No longer can doctors and hospitals bill out large amounts for services without tangible results. Acupuncture fills the gap when it comes to both cost effectiveness and clinical benefit.

A recent study set in a hospital emergency room looked to evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture for patients presenting with vertigo and dizziness. Their findings speak for themselves:

Acupuncture demonstrates a significant immediate effect in reducing discomforts and VAS (a symptom severity scale) of both dizziness and vertigo. This study provides clinical evidence on the efficacy and safety of acupuncture to treat dizziness and vertigo in the emergency department.

Another study looked to find an alternative to traditional treatment as they noted, “No medication for dizziness in current use has well-established curative or prophylactic value or is suitable for long-term palliative use.” Their findings were just as encouraging:

The results from this study will provide clinical evidence on the efficacy and safety of acupuncture in patients with chronic dizziness.

If you suffer from vertigo or dizziness, life can be significantly challenging. Even simple day to day activities can be overwhelming. Many of the common medications prescribed can result in side effects are common and include tiredness, dry mouth, and vomiting. Besides the incredible results acupuncture provides, there are no significant side effects.

Recently on a regular visit, one of my patients mentioned her concern regarding some dizziness she was currently experiencing. Most unsettling to her was a flight planned to see her grandchildren as flying would usually worsen her symptoms. Acupuncture had been of benefit for her in the past for headaches, so she asked about undergoing a couple treatments prior to her travels. Upon return, she noted significant relief as well as no symptoms as a result of flying.

Here is a testimonial I received from another patient a few years back regarding her experience with acupuncture after a bout of chronic dizziness:

About a year ago, I returned from a trip to Hawaii. I had some mild motion sickness during the trip, which is not unusual for me. When we arrived home though, the sense of mild nausea and disorientation didn’t go away. Several days passed, and it was getting no better. The only relief I could find was to sleep, but the more I slept, the more exhausted I felt.

I turned to the internet to research vertigo and the treatments that were available. When I read a recommendation to see an acupuncturist, I thought of Dr. Perrine, who is already my chiropractor. I went in to see him immediately, and the first treatment relieved my misery for several hours. I did not find the needles painful at all, and the experience was actually relaxing in a way.

Each subsequent treatment relieved the symptoms a bit longer than the last, until finally the symptoms went away 100%. As I recall it was resolved within about 2 weeks, and I have not had any problems since. Thanks Dr. Perrine!

If you suffer from dizziness or vertigo and have not tried acupuncture, it will be well worth a try! Contact our office if you would like some additional information.

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